Be part of the live studio audience of Australia's favourite panel show and have the experience of a LIVEtime! 
What you can expect to do at a night in our studio audience: 
Watch – live TV, where dreams are made and anything can, and will, happen… 
Applaud – and have your applause recorded and broadcast to every home in Australia so your mother can say, ‘Wait a minute, I know that clap. That’s Johnny!’ Nearly die laughing – at our smorgasbord of guests. Unlike other panel shows that are superior in content and higher in journalistic integrity, our laughter is not canned and totally authentic, so take that The Project. Know your hosts – from a distance. Please, no photos or selfies or requests for autographs. It’s just embarrassing and it makes you look seriously desperate, so just don’t do it. No catches, no asterisks*you can WANK** in our studio on live TV. A totally live show brought to you by Chelsea Zeller, directed by Samuel Russo.

*although the live taping will last for 50 minutes, please be on standby in the studio at least six hours beforehand. 

**WANK is merely an acronym, and you will be escorted off the premises should you choose to take this literally.



Written by Chelsea Zeller
Directed by Samuel Russo
Cast Chelsea Zeller