(Co-Writer, Co-Director, Co-Producer, Performer)


Meet Gerald. Gerald is special. Gerald was born into a world bubbling with opportunity. Lucky Gerald. Until mediocrity burst his bubble and f****d him right up. Lonely Planet is an unapologetic autopsy of Gen-Y’s aspirations, expectations and delusions. Meet a constellation of characters as BRODASAYSTA frantically dissects our obsession with success. Why? Because you’re worth it.

Four of Melbourne’s finest emerging theatre-makers, Ruby Hughes, Adam Ibrahim, Samuel Russo and Patrick Considine are the driving forces behind BRODASAYSTA; a company dedicated to crafting wild and smart theatrical experiences that tackle social conventions.

Lonely Planet is a book, and those who do not travel read only page.


"...an exceptionally silly and viciously biting satire in Lonely Planet, a contemporary cultural odyssey from Melbourne to Bora Bora, through the glossy world of travel guide books and pre-packaged spiritual awakenings."

"With a deliciously camp and surreal humour, the ensemble embody a diverse cast of exceedingly ridiculous characters, from goal-driven yuppies to rudderless bohemians to the peppiest in-flight airline team you’ve ever met."

"... this hilarious trans-global adventure navigates the infuriating labyrinth of capitalist bureaucracy in search of one simple truth: ultimate customer satisfaction." - AUSSIE THEATRE (MELBOURNE)


Written by Samuel Russo, Adam Ibrahim, Ruby Hughes & Patrick Considine
Directed by Samuel Russo, Adam Ibrahim, Ruby Hughes & Patrick Considine
Cast Samuel Russo, Adam Ibrahim, Ruby Hughes & Patrick Considine
Sound design Harry Covill