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(Co-writer, Co-director, Performer)

"★★★★★  - This is Fringe World sheer joy - entertainment at its finest... You'll bop in your seat, laugh until your eyes water, and feel like singing along" - Jay Crisp Crow, Weekend Notes (PERTH)

"★★★★ - Uniquely Australian...Where the show really gave itself permission to shine was in it’s Aussie-centric jokes that would have slid easily into one of the BETTER episodes of Kath & Kim.... wonderfully silly as it was well-crafted" - Out in Perth. (PERTH)

" ★★★★☆  - Won't give you a minute to breathe as you laugh the night away" - Samsara Dunston, What Did She Thinks (MELBOURNE)

"★★★★ - If there ever was a belly laughing, glittery, musical inspiration drag queen performance that captures the spirit of Melbourne Fringe... this is it!" - Theatre People (MELBOURNE)

( Co-director, Performer)

“Russo and Ibrahim present a bold queer reimagining of the play that is still just as revealing about class divide and the way “Others” are perceived by society.” - My Melbourne Arts

“Mr Russo and Mr Ibrahim both give intense, detailed performances.” - Stage Whispers

“Russo and Ibrahim are in their element with this style of theatre, camping it up with some dazzling costumes, wigs and accessories while firmly establishing the relationship between the sisters and those around them.” - My Melbourne Arts

“This is a vivid and imaginative revival of a seventy-two-year-old play in which the ‘oppressed’ are defined – without even knowing it – by the oppressor.  That’s scarcely a dated concept.” - My Melbourne Arts


" ★★★☆ Russo handles the initially irritating Johnny with increasing skill, teasing out the enigmatic nature of the part." - Tim Byrne, The Age

Beautiful writing that lets hope shine in its blackness” – Aussie Theatre.

An honest, unsettling and thoroughly humorous account of life in the face of tragedy” – Theatre Press.

This well written, performed and constructed play makes you laugh but also manages to make you twist uncomfortably in your seat ” – Arts Hub.


"★★★☆ - In a festival awash with semi-improvised shows replete with anecdotes and scatter-gun styles, it is refreshing to take in a full-bodied theatrical show such as High Achievers, something that has structure, character and even a point or two to make about how best not to live our lives." - Jim Schembri, Herald Sun

"★★★★★ - High Achievers will have you hooting and howling with laughter." - Samsara Dunston, What Did She Think

"★★★★ - High Achievers is a fantastically blending array of sketches that manage to showcase both a superb writing and acting ability." - Stacey Waters, Pop Culture-y

(Assistant Director)

" ★★★★The production gets well in tune with the skewed mood, always ready to follow its vagaries of poetry and nightmare: the subtle variations in performance styles serve the play."  - The Daily Review

★★★…Detroit is a first rate production with a brilliant cast…”   The Australian Stage

"The pitch-perfect performances revel in its comedy but are grounded in its gritty truth, and the direction finds an uncomfortable truth that’s as much part of Melbourne as it is Detroit." - Aussie Theatre