When a young man turns up on Mel and Leo’s doorstep asking for peanut butter on toast and a band aid, they want to believe he might be their missing son…but is he really who he appears to be?

Cuckoo is a dark comedy about a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside a big box of Lego.


Written by Jane Miller
Directed by Alice Bishop
Cast Natalie Carr, David Kambouris, Matthew Molony, Samuel Russo
Set design Kelsey Henderson
Lighting design Bronwyn Pringle
Stage Manager Hayley Fox


"Russo handles the initially irritating Johnny with increasing skill, teasing out the enigmatic nature of the part." - Tim Byrne, The Age

Beautiful writing that lets hope shine in its blackness” – Aussie Theatre.

An honest, unsettling and thoroughly humorous account of life in the face of tragedy” – Theatre Press.

This well written, performed and constructed play makes you laugh but also manages to make you twist uncomfortably in your seat ” – Arts Hub.